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Metal Gear Solid: True Fans Privacy Policy
Last Updated: June 13, 2011

Below is a legal agreement between you ("the user") and Metal Gear Solid: True Fans ("the site", "MGS: TF"). By any use of this site, you are bound by this privacy policy and its terms set forth below.

Terms of Use
Metal Gear Solid: True Fans has defined its terms of use and general conduct rules on it's "Terms of Use" page found in the "Legal Documents" section.. By using this site you agree to follow all rules mentioned in the site's terms of use and this privacy policy. Failure to follow the mentioned rules may result in account termination without notice or warning.

In addition to MGS: TF's terms of use, all users must be at least 18 years old or 13 and have their parent's consent. Users found under 13 (or under 18 without parent's consent) will have their IP addresses, email addresses, and all other information permanently banned.

Information Collected
When you access the site, some personal information is collected. This information includes but is not limited to: IP address, location (city, state, and/or country), and internet service provider. Other information (such as name, address, email address, phone number, etc.) may be recorded if provided by the user. By submitting information to the site, you verify that all information is correct and has not been altered. Use of proxies to access the site is strictly forbidden and will result in you being banned.

We will never give, sell, or trade your information without a court order under United States federal or Tennessee state laws.

Tracking Cookies
MGS: TF uses tracking cookies for many things throughout the site this includes the forum, polls, user login and registration. Most browsers have an option to clear cookies set by sites, if you wish to remove these cookies we recommend you use that feature.

Your Use of MGS: TF Content
All content on this site is under copyright to Metal Gear Solid: True Fans unless otherwise specified in the article. All content submitted by users becomes the property of MGS: TF and will not be removed upon the user deciding to leave the site or if the user is banned from the site and/or forum.

While you are free to download any content for personal use, you are not allowed to redistribute the content to any other website. You are, however, allowed to quote parts of the content and provide a "source" or "link back" to the original article immediately following the quoted content. You must make it clear that the information is not yours and that you have taken it from this site.

Users caught "stealing" or "ripping" content and republishing it on a different website will be permanently banned and may face legal action.

Exposure to Mature, Adult, or Illegal Content
While MGS: TF does not allow any adult or illegal content to be posted, it is possible for users to come across adult or illegal content while browsing the site. If you find any content you believe is inappropriate, please contact us.

You agree that while visiting the site you will not be offended by such content and will not, under any condition, hold this site responsible for any of its user or staff submitted content.
Metal Gear Solid: True Fans is in no way responsible for the content or submissions provided by its users.

Termination of Access to This Site
MGS: TF may for any reason it deems necessary block or suspend your access to the site, forum, submission system, downloads, or any other section. Any users that are found to be a security risk to the site or its affiliates, servers, systems, and users will be permanently banned without warning.

If you would like to request that your account be terminated by an administrator, you must send an email to "Matthew Alan" as listed on the contact page. Even when an account has been terminated, all user-generated content may still be available for viewing.

Content Created or Submitted by Staff
All content created will become property of Metal Gear Solid: True Fans. You may not resubmit the same content to a different site or use it for any other reason. This includes but is in no way limited to: written content, images created for articles, site graphics, flash files, and layout design.

Copyright Notices and Complaints
As mentioned above all original content submitted to the site is under copyright to Metal Gear Solid: True Fans. By submitting content you are giving MGS: TF exclusive permission to use your original, unmodified, content in any way it sees fit.

MGS: TF has user submitted content throughout the site and while we do our best to moderate it, we cannot verify everything submitted to the site is the submitter's original work. If you are the author of an article and you see your work has been submitted to the site without your permission, you may contact us for information on getting it removed. Please include a link to the original content and the source file (ex: .psd for graphics) in your message.

Copyrights & Trademarks of Metal Gear and Consoles
Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear, Konami, Kojima Productions, and all related names, logos, and designs are copyright to Konami Digital Entertainment. <>

Microsoft, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Arcade, and all other related names, logos, and designs are copyright to Microsoft Game Studios or Microsoft. <>

Sony, PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Network, PSN, PSP, NGP, PSVita, and all other related names, logos, and designs are copyright to Sony Computer Entertainment America <>

Metal Gear Solid: True Fans is not related to or affiliated with any of the above mentioned sites and does not intend any copyright violations by use of this content.

Modifications of this Policy
Metal Gear Solid: True Fans may modify this policy at any time without warning. Normally information will be posted on the True Fans forum. If you do not accept the policy, you may ask for your account to be terminated within 3 days of this policy being updated. After three days you automatically accept the new policy.

PDF version available here and here.

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