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By using this site you agree to follow all rules set forth in this Terms of Use. Failure to comply could lead to account termination, with or without notice.

1: Forum Conduct
By viewing and posting on the MGS: TF forum you agree to not spam, flame, troll, double post, censor bypass, advertise, illegal content, or pornographic content. These activities are defined below

1A: Spam: Posting useless messages not related to the topic, and/or forum.

1B: Flaming: Direct and clear insults to your fellow members.

1C: Trolling: Troll is defined as annoying others, or indirect insults. "Your mom" insults, as well as attacks on a character outside of a thread designated to that character is a violation of this rule.

1D: Double Posting: Posting twice in the same topic or forum without anyone posting between you. This messes up the forum's tidiness and is a major problem if multiple users are doing this.

1E: Censor bypassing: You must not try to bypass the censors in any way, if you are using another word for an already censored word you must replace each character of the word with "*".

1F: Advertising: You may not advertise any commercial product either in your post, or signature. You may post one link in your signature linking to your website. However, your website may not contain: hatred, spam, advertising, illegal content, or pornographic content.

1G: Illegal Content: You may not post any illegal mp3's, ROMs, emulators, or anything else considered illegal in the state of Tennessee or Florida. It may also not violation United States federal laws, or laws for your country/city/state.

1H: Pornographic Content: You may not post any partial or fully nude images on the site. This includes animated images aswell.

2: Profiles, Avatars, and Signatures
Your signature, avatar, and profile are available for everyone on the internet to view. Profiles are displayed inside of the forum, while avatars and signatures are displayed throughout different parts of the site. When using a avatar or signature it may not be threatening, harassing, offensive, direct or indirect insults to another user, advertising a commercial product, or contain anything pornographic or illegal. Below are the max sizes for avatars and signatures:

2A: Signatures may not be larger than 600x200 or 500kb. Whichever comes first.

2B: Avatars may not be larger than 150x150, or 500kb. Whichever comes first.

3: User Blogs
By registering you are allowed to create a blog. Either private or public all TF administrators have access to your blog. Blogs follow the same basic rule as general forum conduct and may result in termination of your account for breaking any rules contained in the "Forum Conduct" section of the site.

4: Use of Site Content
You are free to download and save any content on this site; however you are not allowed to redistribute original content of MGS: TF without written permission from the administration team. Doing so could not only result in account termination, but as well as legal action if you directly copy our content to your site. You are however, allowed to rewrite said content and link back to the original article (or MGS: TF Main Page in the event of a news post). You may also not directly link ("hotlink") to any videos, flash, or pictures contained on this site. All flash files, layout images, and site coding are covered under copyright and may not be reproduced without written permission.

5: Submission System
By registering you are allowed to submit your own content to Metal Gear Solid: True Fans, however the content may not contain any: swearing, illegal content, hatred towards another user, hatred towards any Kojima Productions staff member, or Konami. Unfavorable reviews are welcome, but must not be all anti-game reviews. Anti-game reviews are defined as reviews that do not help a user decide to buy or rent a game, but instead only talk about the flaws of a game. Every review must list at least some good and bad points, with your opinion about the game in question. Upon your account being terminated or you decide to leave Metal Gear Solid: True Fans, your written content will not be removed. It becomes the property of MGS: TF and is covered under the same terms of "4: Use of Site Content" from this document with the exception of the original author being allowed to post said content on their own site. You will be given full credit for all articles written, and will be awarded "DP" Points for your articles. The amount you receive will vary depending on the quality and length of your article.

6: "DP" Points System
All users will earn points for posting on the forum, submitting articles, submitting media, reporting posts, and other community activities. These points may be used to purchase things from the MGS: TF Plaza, however users may lose points due to violations of this policy as well as the Privacy Policy. The amount of points a user will lose depends on the type of violation, normally a violation is from 500-1000 points deducted from a user. Should a user not have more than 1000 points, all of their points will be removed.

7: Violations not listed above
It is impossible for us to cover every possible violation of the terms of use, if you believe your post may be inappropriate please PM a moderator and request a review before it is submitted to the site. We have the right to remove any content a user submits, even if it is not listed as a violation above.


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